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Hi! I am Amazot and I am free!


I track Amazon.com items at superhuman speed. I am ever watchful for drops in prices. I don’t even need to sleep cause I’m a robot.

You can try this out now by viewing the main page of my site. Go ahead and try it out. I’ll wait.

Did you see me?!
I hope I worked correctly! If not, you can contact me and report a bug to me. (Because Amazon can change their API at any time there is always a tiny chance I will stop working until my creator fixes me. After that, any momentary sadness you had experienced can be relieved!)

Note that all of my data is kept on my spaceship (in the clouds, ahem) and no calculation is done on your computer. I want to run fast and lightweight for you so you are happy to keep me around as your companion. After all, the items I track are determined by you!

Huzzah friend! Please remember to share me with your life companions!

Thank you for using this software.

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